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We love to heal with tattoo! Permanately conceal your imperfections.

The procedures called “STRETCH MARK CAMOUFLAGE” and “SCAR CAMOUFLAGE” applies pigments of the same color of the skin to achieve equalization of the normal color of the skin. This procedure does not aim to treat stretched skin but to camouflage the stretch marks and scars, giving uniformity to the colouring of the stretch marks and scars with the colouring of the surrounding healthy skin, thus making the stretch marks less evident.

It is a long-term solution that works on hiding scars and stretchmarks , using corrective pigment for flesh-colored tattoo.

However, it does not alter the texture of the skin, but there is a change in the color to achieve a tone similar to that of the skin. The evolution and healing varies from one organism to another until the pigment is stabilized. The total healing time can be from 30 to 60 days in which the stretch marks can remain inflamed, red, or in some cases darker until the end of the healing time.

Depending on the type of skin after 60 days, the procedure may need more sessions, it all depends on the type of skin, for ethics and professionalism we cannot assure if in your case one or more sessions will be needed since all organisms are different.

You must be over 18 years old, or being a minor we do require written authorization from one of the parents.

You should not have the procedure performed in case of pregnancy, skin diseases, hemophilia, diabetes, HIV, infectious diseases, serious and keloids.

After performing the stretch mark camouflage you should not undergo treatments that may affect the results of the procedure, such as: microorganism, micropuncture, carboxitherapy, laser, radiofrequency, peeling, dermabrasion, striort, etc.

Before starting, photographs or videos are taken in the treated area, without personal identification, which will be used for follow-up, didactic or advertising purposes.


Before the procedure: There are no very important cares that you must have before the procedure, the only thing that we recommend is that the skin is not tanned to be able to achieve the exact tone of the skin, in case that the skin is tanned equally the procedure if it is possible to be done but you must take the color of a part of the skin that is not tanned for example in the zone of the bikini, since if you take the color of a tanned part it will not be the original color of the skin and when the tone of the tan lowers it will be the tattooed stretch marks or scars, with a darker tone to the one of the skin.

After the procedure: After the procedure if you have to take several cares to make sure you get optimal results.

  • Once the procedure is finished, apply Bepanthen cream and cover the area with film for 6 to 12 hours.
  • You can wet the area normally from the second day with cold water or room temperature to prevent the pores from opening, avoid the use of soap the first5 days, after 5 days you can use mild soap
  • Use Bepanthen cream 3 times a day for 8 days
  • From the ninth day apply almond oil or Aloe Vera 2 times a day for 45 to 60 days to help the healing and hydration of the area.
  • In case of burning the first day you can put cold water compresses.
  • During the first 9 days do not use very tight clothing, should be type cotton, sweatshirts, leggings, etc., not to make friction in the area and deflate faster.
  • Do not exercise during the first 8 days so that bacteria will not enter with the sweat and so that the inflammation is not altered.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun for at least 60 days to avoid altering the color or causing spots.
  • Do not go to humid areas such as sauna, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, swimming pool or sea.
  • Do not consume liquor during the first 3 days.
  • Avoid body contact with another person during the first 3 days.
  • Consume a lot of water for better healing.
  • Do not scratch, do not apply anything different than recommended.
  • In some cases the skin may peel a few days later, if this happens, just keep the same care.
  • It is normal that camouflaged stretch marks or scars look darker than the natural skin tone for up to 60 days since that is the complete healing period.
  • Send photos to the professional in a very bright place in the same position and distance in which the initial photos were taken to follow the evolution of the process and verify that everything is fine

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The contraindications for this procedure are basic and practically the same as any other tattooing procedure.

  • NPregnancy
  • NLactation
  • NSkin Diseases
  • NHemophilia
  • NDiabetes
  • NContagious Infectious Diseases
  • NSerious Diseases
  • NKeloidslt

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Scars Does This Work With?
Scars that are lighter than your actual skin tone are the easiest to work with. This treatment works on standard scars(accidental scar) and surgical scars (Tummy Tuck, C-Section, Boob Job).
How soon after I get a scar can I get it camouflaged?
Your scar doesn’t fully heal for about 18 months. Getting scar camo too soon may result in your needing to come back for more treatments.
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